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Daily Exercise


Exercise is key to promoting your dogs health and warding off unwanted destructive behavior. Whether it's a walk, a walk with training, a great game of fetch or a backyard play session-we've got you covered. After every visit we will give you a brief update on your pet's visit. 



Positive, reward based training is a highly effective and humane way to train your dog. Without the use of prong collars, shock devices or any physical manipulation I 'll show you how bonded and confident  your dog will become. By using a "marker" ( such as a clicker) followed by a reward (like a yummy treat) your dog will be performing requested behaviors happily. I'd love to meet and show you how fun and rewarding training can be. 

Being There When You Can't


Sometimes it's hard to fit it all in, but getting your pets to their appointments is important to their overall health. We'll gladly transport and stay with your pet to all kinds of appointments. We are understanding & compassionate, staying right by their sides. Of course every visit is followed by big treats. We're the next best thing to you being there!